Wedding: Getting Ready

After a week of 60 degree weather and gorgeous blue skies, we woke up on Sunday morning to gray skies and cold. I packed up my bags, bundled up like a good Californian, and headed to my parents house to get dolled up for the event. My two bridesmaids were over early to get the party started!

We spent the morning finishing up a few last minute details: getting a guest book, making adorable meal cards (thanks Tomas!), and picking up my great grandmother's pearl necklace (we had it restrung).

My sister, Katrina, also made us a delicious stirfry for lunch. I put her in charge of making sure I ate enough, and she did an awesome job. The stirfry had broccoli, tofu, carrots, and roasted sweet potato. It was different than any stirfry I've made, and incredibly delicious (like most things my sister makes).

In the afternoon, we worked on our nails, hair and make-up. It took the three of us at least an hour to paint our nails and ever so slightly pale nude color. Clearly, we are out of practice.

Hair was somewhat more successful, and with one attempt and some solid bobby pin work, we had it in place. With the wind howling outside, the plan to wear my hair mostly down was vetoed in favor of an equally gorgeous, but slightly more tame, hairstyle.

Make-up went on before the dress. Since I don't usually wear make-up, I tried to make it as subtle as possible: a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and light brown eyeshadow. My yogurt, honey and oatmeal mask the evening prior left my skin relatively smooth and moisturized, so I tried to expose it as much as possible.

Once the bridesmaids were suited up in their dresses, with hair and make-up done, it was time to get dressed!

I purchased my dress in early November, and it spent the last 6 weeks with a seamstress, getting tailored to fit me perfectly. Because the dress is strapless, it needed to fit snugly around my waist so it would stay in place.

With some effort, we got it all zipped, clipped and pinned in place. Katrina helped me buckle my shoes, and held my train as I walked down the stairs.

By the time we left the house, the grey skies had parted in favor of blue. The wind was still howling, and the temperature didn't break 55°F, but the clear skies were absolutely stunning.

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  1. Congratulations! You look very happy :)

    I've come across your blog recently and enjoyed reading it.


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