Racing: Day Three

Today was much less eventful than previous days. With no weigh in, I ate breakfast and headed down to the course for my first and only race of the day. Three other girls and I raced in the senior women's quad--four rowers, eight oars--in a heat with top three advancing to the final.

We placed second in a relatively conservative race. The final will be held on Sunday.

After that race, I was done for the day. I headed back to my host family's house for a shower before adventuring through town.

In the afternoon, I headed back to the course to see my teammates race in a variety of events: the under 23 mens four, the senior men's four (with a first place finish and a trophy!), the championship eight (the most prestigious category), the women's double (congrats on making the final!) and the women's pair (with a second place finish in the final).

It was fun to see so much success from my teammates. I look forward to sharing in their successes in the future, as I get faster.

Tomorrow, I have the day off of racing. I'm planning to go row my single on the practice course so my body doesn't get too stiff. I also look forward to watching a few more races.

Next race: 1pm local time on Sunday

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