St. Catharine's

After too much traveling, we arrived in St. Catharine's, the home of the Canadian Henley, mid-afternoon yesterday. The climate is a big change from temperate California. We spent most of the day at the course, rigging boats and staying in the shade.

I'm borrowing a boat from a local club, and didn't have access to it yesterday, so I really didn't exercise much. After less than 3 hours of sleep and a lackluster lunch (a protein bar, almonds and fruit), I didn't mind the break.

Three of us are staying at a host family less than a mile from the race course. Luckily for me, one of the family members is vegetarian, so I enjoyed a vegetarian hot dog on toast with a side salad for dinner last night. It was great to eat normal food after a long trip.

This morning, I headed back to the course and found and rigged my boat. I'll be rowing a pink boat in my single races!! It's also, fortunately, a model of boat I've rowed in before--the club I coached at last year had an identical boat that I used several times and really enjoyed rowing. Afterwards, I found a scale.

The regatta has very strict weigh in procedures. Lightweights are only allowed to step on the official scale once on the day of their weigh in. If you are not at or under the target weight, you are disqualified from the regatta. There is no test scale; the official scale is only open from 2-4 pm for practice.

A lot of clubs at the regatta have scales for their lightweights and I found one to test my weight. Over a half pound under the limit, with minimal breakfast in my system, my level of concern dropped significantly. After real breakfast, grocery shopping and lunch, I'm feeling fueled and ready to race.

This afternoon, I will go for a short row in my boat to make sure it's rigged comfortably. Afterwards, it's rest, a small dinner, and getting ready to weigh in and race tomorrow!

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