For the past month and a half, Dan and I have been living without a toaster. First world problem, I know, but perfectly golden toast is one of life's cheapest luxuries.

We'd been trying to replicate the transforming effect of the toaster on frozen bread, but were unsuccessful. Using the oven, we burnt more bread than we toasted, or the whole piece ended up pale and dry.

The frying pan was acceptable, especially if you were interested in buttering both sides of your bread, but made certain sandwiches much less appealing. Peanut butter and jelly and butter? No, thank you.

Finally, we found a solution! The result is perfectly golden, crisp bread, ready to be slathered with butter, jam, hummus, or whatever you desire.

How did we solve this most horrid of problems?? We got a toaster!

There are certainly appliances we can live without--like an ice cream maker or a donut machine. However, a cheap toaster is like $10, and something nobody should be without. (Unless you don't eat bread, in which case we should probably have a discussion about the merits of bread. I will win that argument.)

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  1. or you could try this toast bird feeder


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