Gardening + First Harvest

Our apartment has a pretty big balcony, and we face southwest, so we get great sunlight. I've always wanted to have a vegetable garden, so I went and purchased the supplies and started planting seeds. Being a Californian, I gave absolutely no thought to time of year and began planting in late November.

We've had several plants successful germinate. So far, our green beans, mesclun and cilantro are thriving. Chives and parsley are starting to take root. We also have a budding crop of carrots and radishes, and are waiting on germination from lettuce, cabbage, chinese cabbage, and tomatoes.

I also ordered more seeds. I'm most excited for cucumber seeds!

Green beans

Spring mix


Of course part of planting is thinning. Since this was my first attempt at planting, I erred on the side of too many seeds rather than too few. It was a bit of a waste of money, but now we have lots of sprouts to enjoy!

Our first harvest of mesclun sprouts went into this amazing sandwiches:

Without the fried egg

You can barely see the sprouts buried under the egg and tomatoes.

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