Every Thursday night, I plan our menu for the next seven days. First, I go through the fridge and figure out what's leftover from the previous week. Then, I go through and list seven meals, first using up what we have, then adding in new ingredients. (I get a lot of my recipes and ideas from FoodGawker! Love the iPad app!) I underline anything we don't already have and add it to my shopping list for the Friday market.

Because I go to the market weekly, I have a pretty good sense of what's in season, and what's available. Sometimes, there are new, irresistible surprises, like last week's okra. We expect the menu to be a bit flexible to account for those wonderful surprises--it's why we often have leftover veggies at the beginning of the following week!

Here is this week's plan:

Right now, we're loving fresh corn! Dan picked up 12 ears for $2 at Safeway this week. We're also enjoying salads dressed with Casa Sanchez salsa--it's incredibly easy, and incredibly delicious!

Fresh tomatoes made my lunch list. Dan's not a fan, so I eat them by the handful when he's at work. I also picked up some pre-sliced mushrooms this morning--looking forward to adding those to my tomato soup! (Dan usually takes any leftovers for lunch at work.)

Normally, we eat out once a week or less, but Dan requested that we go to Arizmendi and get pizza for dinner this week. We're also planning to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary with dinner out.

What are you eating this week?

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