Summer is here!

This week is my last week of classes! We have a 12-week semester, with an additional 3-week finals period at the end. Starting next week, classes are over but I'll be preparing several projects, essays and presentations as well as studying for final exams.

The end of classes also means we're nearing the end of racing season, and championship season! Our last league race is this weekend, and we're hoping to round out an undefeated series of league races. Two weeks after that, we'll be headed to the regional championships.

In preparation, we've stepped our training up a notch.

Today's Workout(s)

Weight lifting in the morning:
I got up early and did a 15-minute warm-up on the elliptical and a fairly hard weight circuit. It's been a while since we lifted, due to travel last weekend, so it was a little bit rusty. I still got in some good reps and even increased my weight on the last set of squats. Dan came with me to the gym, which is always fun!

Rowing in the afternoon:
Before practice I spent about 20-30 minutes warming up on land and stretching. I was a bit stiff from the lifting and from double practice yesterday, so it felt good to get the blood flowing.
It was super windy today, so we did a lot of skill and drill work to improve in the wind. We were out for about 1.75 hours, and ended up going about 9 miles. It wasn't a lot of distance, but it was good focused work.

Tomorrow, we have a hard workout, so I need to rest up tonight! I'm also looking forward to watching some video of our boat that the coach took yesterday.

Do you ever work out twice a day? How do you manage your time and energy so each workout is high quality still? Let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me at piquantprose [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. I do often work out twice a day. I'll always make sure one of them is an "easy"/light workout though.


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