Rotisserie Chicken with Chocolate Glaze

$0.99 for 5 chickens?! Who could pass up that deal?! Certainly not me, so I bought a heap of them, with enough chocolate and graham crackers to make my favorite: rotisserie chicken with chocolate glaze.

The pack leader has a droopy eye. Poor guy.

 But don't worry, it's still meat-free! (Not vegetarian, though. Bummer.) We had a lot of fun roasting marshmallows and peeps to make, you guessed it, s'mores!

The chocolate eyes melt into the marshmallow.
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Indoor S'mores

bamboo skewers (you don't want metal because you'll be holding them)
electric or gas burner

graham crackers
peeps (or marshmallows)

1. Turn the burner on to high heat. If it's an electric burner wait for it to heat up.
2. Meanwhile, split a graham cracker in half and place a piece of chocolate on one side.
3. Put a peep on the end of a skewer. Rotate slowly above the burner until the sugar gets shiny.
3. Put the roasted peep onto the chocolate side of the graham cracker, place the other graham cracker on top and enjoy. Beware the ice-cream-sandwich effect.
----- ----- -----

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  1. Wow. Love this whole post. I've never had a peep smores, but you can bet I am on that now.


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