I post a lot of food recipes on here, but rarely do I post about what I drink.

In our household, we consume four main beverages: water, tea, coffee and milk.

Both of us drink plenty of water, and get even more through the copious amounts of fruits and vegetables we eat. We drink almost exclusively water with lunch and dinner, usually at least 12 ounces each. In addition, I drink water throughout the day--I keep waterbottles filled around the house for easy sipping.

I'm also a regular tea drinker, and drink most of the tea in the household. My favorite brands include Celestial and Stash teas. I'm partial to Chai tea, peppermint, green tea/mint combos, and sleepytime. I've also been known to drink English breakfast tea and Good Earth original. I drink all of my tea unsweetened and only put milk into chai tea.


During the summer months, I drink less tea--I'm not a big fan of iced tea, and 80 degree weather and hot tea don't really jive.

Both of us drink coffee, although Dan drinks much more. (His work supplies free Peet's coffee!) I regularly am gifted either free drink cards at Peet's or Starbucks gift cards that cover a substantial portion of our coffee expenses. We also have free coffee in our apartment building. We try to limit our purchases of coffee (especially the fancy drinks) to dates and special treats.

Finally--milk. Growing up, I pretty much didn't drink milk--a few too many experiences with sour milk, and a general dislike of the stuff meant it was not a regular household purchase. A few years ago, I sought to cure my milk aversion by trying the good stuff: Strauss milk. Local, organic, non-homogenized, glass bottle, grass fed, delicious milk. It worked!

We drink 2% milk. We like the taste best: not too watery, not too thick.
We've since transition to slightly less expensive homogenized carton milk, but we still insist on drinking local, organic and not ultra-pasteurized milk. We're not snooty: it just tastes that much better. It's a bonus that's it's better for us, the cows and the environment.

Most of my milk is consumed on cold cereal, or in combination with chocolate: chocolate milk or hot cocoa. Very rarely do I drink a glass of the cold stuff. Still, I usually manage to sneak in at least one glass daily. We go through at least a gallon of milk per week.

What don't we drink? Juices, sodas, and alcohol! It is a very rare occasion indeed that we drink either juice or soda. The former we consume in its raw form--fruit! The latter? It's just not something we think has a place in our diets.

As for alcohol, neither Dan nor I has a particular taste for liquor, and we drink it only on rare occasions, in incredibly sweetened drinks.

What do you drink during the day? Water? Soda? Juice? Do you drink differently on weekends and weekdays?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing me at piquantprose [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  1. A recent and excellent discovery that you might enjoy: lemon-infused water. [Not to be confused with the strange water concoctions in stores that boast things like "cucumber flavoring."]

    To a tall glass of water, add
    -thickly sliced lemon (whole or half– preferably Meyer);
    -lemon juice squeezed from one of the slices; and
    -pinch of salt.

    Let it sit in the fridge for a day and you've got a refreshing treat to enjoy during your workout or as respite from a hot summer. I'm sure limes would be good too.


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