Giving Blood

Yesterday, Dan and I gave blood. In the past, donating has taken me out of exercising for a few days or more, but this time I'm feeling a lot better.

Blood Donor

First, we both made sure to hydrate really well before going in to give blood. Our dinner Wednesday night also involved both spinach and beans to get our iron levels up.

Before we went in to donate, we went for an easy run together since we knew we wouldn't be able to exercise for at least 5 hours after donating. We actually ran to the donation center since it's only a few blocks from the house.

Both of us had good iron levels and were well hydrated. We finished our donations in 5.5 and 6 minutes. (He was faster.)

Afterwards, we both made sure to drink a lot of water. Dan ate a quarter of a watermelon to help replenish fluids, and I had a huge salad and a lot of extra glasses of water. We still both woke up thirsty this morning and will probably continue to hydrate well throughout today.

I was hoping to get in a bike ride this afternoon, but we decided to go see Harry Potter tonight instead! We're going to have an early dinner and head to the theater so we get good seats. I may still get in a short run, but we're just eating lunch now, so we'll see! I'm definitely feeling up to running or biking, as long as I continue to hydrate.

Have you ever donated blood? Did you enjoy the experience? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing me at piquantprose [at] gmail [dot] com. 

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  1. I did give blood for awhile after my Mom passed away from pancreatic cancer. I felt like it was a way to honor her and to give back.

    I followed you over from your guest posting.

    Those berries look amazing!

  2. I have never given blood. For so long I was always in training mode through high school and college.

    I didn't realize how much it dehydrates you!


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