Training This Week

I started the week off strong with some nice long, hard workouts, but got derailed on Wednesday when my breakfast decided to visit me a second time. After the unfortunate, unexpected and unexplained puking, I wasn't really up to working out much so I took Wednesday and Thursday pretty much off. I made up for it by working out pretty hard this weekend.

Monday: 3x25' on the rowing machine, HR ~145
Tuesday: 50' run
Wednesday: about 45' of easy biking (testing out potential new bikes)
Thursday: 60' of walking
Friday: 2 hour ride on my NEW BIKE! HR ~145
Saturday: 2 separate 30 minute rides, HR ~160
Sunday: 2.5 hour ride, HR 145-155

Yup, that's right, I got a beautiful new bike this week!

{Image Source}
It's a commuting/touring bike, so it's got fenders and a rack standard. It also has internal shifting, so it can have a chain guard. Yay! It's not the fastest bike on the road, but it can carry all of my groceries (and me).

I'm pretty wiped from my ride today, so I'm planning to take tomorrow a bit easier and go for a run (probably for an hour). I'm going to work the HR 150-160 range tomorrow running. Then we'll see how the rest of the week unfolds!

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