Only in the Bay Area

Dan and I had a spectacular weekend of adventures. After Saturday morning's practice, I hurried on home to spend some time with my husband. After a quick search online for weekend happenings, we headed over to BART for a quick ride into San Francisco.

We popped out at Embarcadero station, a quick 12-minute ride from our apartment (and less than $7 round trip!), and wandered out onto the giant plaza.

After some looking around we found this:

The World Naked Bike Ride was suiting up (down?) and getting ready to ride. Naked events are certainly not unheard of in the Bay Area, but they're still quite the experience.

After watching people sunscreen places that had never before gotten sunscreen, and marvelling at their boldness, we continued on to the Ferry Building to enjoy the farmer's market.

The market near our apartment is in all ways superior, but we enjoy wandering around and sampling from the various vendors. We tasted fresh stone fruit, dark chocolate almond brittle and even some Humphry Slocombe ice cream! (I'd never had it before.)

We also stopped in for a simple lunch: cheese from the Cowgirl Creamery and Acme bread.

We had their wagon wheel cheese, a lightly aged mild and creamy cheese, along with little sour torpedos from Acme, all enjoyed in the sunshine on the water front, with a view of the Bay Bridge.

From there, we walked about 15 minutes down the main drag to Union Square, where we did some shopping. We stopped at the Apple store to play, and then headed to Williams Sonoma, where I had a gift card. We also wandered the shops and malls, and did some much needed clothes shopping for Dan.

For dinner, we just headed to the basement of the mall (also attached to the BART station), where there are tens of booths serving incredible food! In the mall! We finished off our meal with another sample (or two) of hazelnut gelato.

Sunday morning, after work for me and a workout for Dan, we ventured out into the 85 degree heat. Our original plan was to go to the $5 movie at our local theatre, but tickets sold out as we waited in line. Instead, we wandered about another local farmer's market a block away, toured some work of local artists, and then headed to a nearby coffee shop to cool down.

After all of this adventuring, we came home for some rest and relaxation, and enjoyed incredible rice wraps for dinner. The instructions are simple:
Cut up a bunch of veggies (cucumbers, radishes, carrots, bell peppers, corn, lettuce, etc.). Make this peanut sauce. Soften rice wraps in warm water. Fill, fold, dip, eat.

It didn't heat up the house, and the easy clean-up is leaving us some time to enjoy the now reasonable weather.

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