Angel Island

After finishing a tough project last week, Dan took Tuesday off of work. The lucky guy got to celebrate his birthday with a four day weekend!

On Friday, we didn't get to celebrate much, but we did get a Prince(ss) cake for dessert. I think Princess cake and chocolate cake are tied for my two favorite kinds of cake.

This weekend, we also went out to Angel Island State Park with my mom. My mom hiked patiently around the island while Dan took lots of pictures (which he has yet to send me--nudge, nudge).

The park is absolutely beautiful, with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge (all interesting to a civil engineer), as well as all of the surrounding land masses.

It was a little bit hazy out, but the sun was bright enough to totally roast both Dan and I!

While the two of them were walking, I ran 9.5 miles around the island--my long run for the week. It was really fun to run some place new, even though it was pretty hilly.

In other news, my second coaching job has officially started! Woohoo! Looking forward to making some boats go fast.

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