A Long Overdue Update

It's been almost a month since my last post, but lots has happened.

Academically, I finished my last class, took my last final, turned in my last project and GRADUATED! Graduation here is a three day affair, involving baccalaureate, class day (with class speakers and honorary class member awards) and commencement. This year, it was disgustingly hot--we're talking 95 degrees, sitting in a black polyester gown in the sun. Gross!

The weather was especially gross because we were also still training! During finals, we raced at the regional championships, Eastern Sprints. And we won!

We didn't have a bucket of Gatorade.
Dan also got to come watch races and take pictures. He got a ZipCar membership, rented a car and drove down, which was awesome.

Three weeks later (last weekend), we raced at the national championships. We had hoped for 1st place, but come in 2nd after a very close race with Stanford. It was disappointing, but it was also a phenomenal race. After falling pretty far behind them in the first half of the race, we had a spectacular sprint to finish 0.68s behind them, with over 7 seconds between us and the third place crew.

Among all of this, I also entertained two families (mine and Dan's), got sick, packed up our stuff to get moved across the country, changed rooms, and cooked for myself.

I know most of you probably cook for yourself on a regular basis, but I promise it's much more challenging when you have to use a communal kitchen. It becomes even more challenging when most of your cooking equipment (including all of your good knives) are on a truck driving across the country. I'm currently cooking with one pot, one knife, two hot pads and whatever I can find in the kitchen.

I'm still on campus now, and still training. As a result of our undefeated regular season and our win at the regional championships, our program's alumni association has sponsored our boat to race at Women's Henley in England. We've been enjoying the hot weather and empty campus.

As you can tell, I've been quite busy. Now that life is starting to settle down a bit, expect more regular updates!

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