Back on Track

Travelling for 24+ hours to get home really wiped me out. With jetlag dipping my energy levels down to zero just in time for my afternoon workout, my favorite form of exercise became napping.

Now that I'm adjusting to the 8-hour time change, I'm finally back into the swing of workouts. After taking Monday and Tuesday off, I decided that Wednesday also needed to be a short workout just to help shake off some of the stiffness. Thursday was also fairly short, but I got back on the rowing machine and continued to loosen up after so much time sitting on Monday.

30-minute run, including 1.5 miles on the track, 8' mile pace.
15 minutes of circuits (push-ups, pull-ups, bench pulls, step ups)
15-minute jog with Dan

20-minute jog with Dan
3x10' on the rowing machine at steady state pace.

I'm about to head off for today's workout: 6x800m on the track.

Do you take time off when you take long flights? How do you make sure you workout when you're travelling and jetlagged? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or emailing me at piquantprose [at] gmail [dot] com.

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