Playing with Food

In honor of our new props, D and I had a photo shoot. The subject: a banana. The new gear: a rectangular plate and a square plate.

This was our original shot. It was ok, but it was a little bit lackluster. It didn't really pop.

The original shot.

So we tried something new. We played with our light, bringing it more to the side to make the shot a bit more dramatic. We also rotated the shot, zoomed in, and left more of the banana trailing out of focus. There was still something missing, though. It needed an accent of some sort.

We tried adding a cookie and then a pear to the shot. The pear was simply too big. The cookie was close, but just not quite right... or relevant.

In a moment of brilliance, we grabbed a small handful of chocolate chips and sprinkled them next to the banana. This was the final shot. Gold. I mean, really, what's better than bananas and chocolate?
The money shot.
Then we decided to play.

An impressionist painting.

A cubist painting.

What D sees when he wakes up in the morning.
We shot these three pictures through some of our new glasses... and D's regular old glasses.


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  1. What a great way to play with your food! I love to see how other people go about setting up and changing a shot. Thanks for posting this.


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