Food Photography Props!

D and I have been taking pictures of our food ever since he got a DSLR last Christmas. In fact, one of the walls in our room is dedicated to food pictures. Up until now, we've been making do with the backs of baking sheets and plastic plates and bowls for our photographs.

For my birthday this year, we invested in some good props for food photography! Whoohoo! Our mini studio now includes:
- several ceramic bowls and mugs
- glass glasses (I know, classy!)
- several ceramic plates of various sizes
- lots of little ceramic and wooden bowls
- six flour sack towels in various colors
- a piece of foam board to hold up backdrops
- two lamps (pilfered from elsewhere in the room)
- a large white sheet (for extra light)
- various types of silverware ($0.50 each at a Black Friday sale)
- other fabric and scarves I had lying around at home (and brought back from Thanksgiving)

Some of our new props
I'm looking forwarding to staging and having D take some shots just for fun!! I think our mini-studio is going to be pretty magnificent.

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  1. Oh, I love the colors in this shot! What a great idea to buy the towels. I sometimes use origami paper as a background.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with these!


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