Menu Planning 2/18

Sorry for the limited updates: our internet has been a little bit flaky recently.

Last week, we had a few delicious meals, and a few flops. 

- Our red lentil soup with coconut curry was flavorful and filling; it left your mouth lightly smoldering from the spice, but the heat never overwhelmed the flavor.
- The hash browns, made with leftover baked potatoes and brussel sprouts, were incredibly satisfying--a perfect comfort food. We added onion and cumin seed for flavor, but otherwise just enjoyed delicious execution.
- I have always been a fan of savory oatmeal, but Dan upped the ante from my microwaved spinach dining hall experience. He lightly sauteed frozen spinach and peas in garlic and green onion to add to our slow cooker oats. Yum.

- The idea was to make roasted broccoli and roasted chickpeas and serve them with pasta that had been lightly simmered in stock and then tossed with breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. A few things got in the way (like not having parmesan or breadcrumbs and two voracious appetites..) and in the end, we had steamed broccoli and mildly heated chickpea noodle soup. It wasn't inedible, but not something worth repeating.
- Our winter squash has been languishing in the fridge, unused. Of course, we'll probably use it tonight, as planned, but any recipe that doesn't get eaten until the last day must have some fundamental flaw. In this case, there are two. First, Dan's not a big squash fan. Second, it's a pretty complicated preparation for a relatively simple meal! Good Saturday night food, but definitely not easy to make.

We were very good about sticking to our menu from last week, but have a few leftover ingredients anyways. The plan for this week primarily uses up those leftovers, with a few new items:

Sunday: Sandwiches with pinto bean mash, cabbage slaw, and optional barbecue chicken
Monday: Lentil red pepper soup from the Zuni Cafe cookbook
Tuesday: Salad with lettuce, bell pepper, carrots and buttermilk dressing
Wednesday: Pan-fried brussel sprouts with cheese polenta
Thursday: egg noodles with ginger scallion sauce, bamboo shoots, snap peas (if they're in season) and pan fried cauliflower
Friday: Buttermilk mashed potatoes with side salad

- Oatmeal
- English muffin
- Hard-boiled egg
- Teddy grahams w/ cream cheese
- Triscuits with cheddar
 - Carrots with hummus
 - Applesauce

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