Wedding dresses

My hair has been all sorts of lengths over the course of my life. (I promise, this is relevant.) The one thing is had never been is static. I'm always cutting it way shorter, or growing it out. I rarely get the same haircut twice.

The same is true of my weight--I have a real problem with consistency. This spring was the most constant I've held my weight for a long time, and even so, my shape was changing as I added muscle and lost fat.

By the spring, I was a bundle of muscles.
Today, I took my mom and my best friend wedding dress shopping! It was great fun. Still, I realized as I was trying on the dresses: I'm being asked to try on a dress that I won't wear for another 6 months.

One of the dresses I tried on today.
Even though there are alterations between now and then, I'm nervous about maintaining my weight, particularly as I continue to lose some of the muscle I gained this past year.

How do you stay the same size? Or are you the same way--always gaining or losing? 

Let me know what by leaving a comment or emailing me at piquantprose [at] gmail [dot] com. 
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