For the Love of Vegetables

Do you love vegetables? I do.

I love all sorts of vegetables. Raw vegetables, cooked vegetables. Root vegetables, fruit vegetables. Steamed, baked, fried, grilled and boiled. (Ok, mostly the middle three.)

I've always liked vegetables, but in the past few years, I've really come to love vegetables. How can you love vegetables, too?

First, buy fresh vegetables and never look back. (Ok, maybe in the middle of winter you can look back and buy frozen vegetables, but definitely don't touch the canned stuff! Gross!) Fresh vegetables have more texture, sharper flavor and are more versatile.

Second, learn how to cook your vegetables. This requires copious amounts of taste testing straight from the pan. (You will burn your mouth at least once.) The idea is to try the vegetables as you cook them so you get a feel for what level of done-ness you like most.

Third, never, ever forget the salt. Vegetables tend to be bitter, and salt counteracts bitterness. You don't need a lot.

Fourth, pay attention to how vegetables make you feel. When I eat vegetables, I feel cleaner--like that clean feeling you get right after you've brushed, flossed, shaved, bathed, and pulled all of your stray hairs off of your neck. Eating tons of vegetables eliminated 99% of my stomachaches. Just try it and see.

Finally, if you don't already love vegetables, starting tracking your daily calorie intake. You'll start to love vegetables when you compare the calories in a cup of ice cream (290) and a cup of vegetables (24).

What's your favorite vegetable? Mine is green beans.

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