A Mission for Recipes

Although I told myself I could only bake twice until finals were over (2.5 more days!!), I fully intend to bake practically continuously between Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning, when we leave for our training trip in Texas.

In preparation, I'm collecting recipes. I'm working on expanding my repertoire. I'm excellent at muffin and cooking baking and decent with cakes, but generally not particularly adventurous.

In one of the booking I read (Cooking for Geeks, I think), they said there were 5 types of chef. I don't remember all of them, but I do remember what I am and what I would like to be. I'm definitely the 'healthy chef', the one who tries to make healthier substitutions for things. (I do this all the time!! Whole wheat flour, decreasing the butter, adding fruit or nuts...)

I'd really like to be the 'adventurous chef', the one who uses interesting ingredients and bold flavor combinations. I'm definitely limited by access to ingredients and my cooking equipment, but I want to push myself to try new things.

On my list for the coming week:
- scones (I've never made them before!)
- brownies (I think I'll use this recipe)
- milk tea cupcakes (I'd like to use peppermint tea, or maybe Sleepytime? Chai tea would probably also be really yummy!)
- homemade energy/granola bars (still looking for an easy recipe without a million ingredients)

This list will probably expand, but let's just say I'm excited for Tuesday evening!

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